China’s land-based anti-missile system successfully intercepts in a test

China have successfully conducted a missile interception test using its land-based anti-missile system. China Ministry of Defense said the system ‘has achieved the preset goal’. Further details for the said system was not provided.

Li Qinggong, deputy secretary-general of the China Council for National Security Policy Studies said China made a major breakthrough in terms of missile interception and precision guidance.

“The progress in recent years is in line with Chinese air forces’ efforts to build offensive and defensive capabilities”, Li noted.

However, “it does not form a seamless shield protecting the whole country from a swarm of incoming warheads,” Li Qinggong said. “China still lags far behind some countries, including the US, in this regard.”

“All anti-missile systems have a deterrent effect, but I don’t think China wants or has to show it now. Actually it is avoiding giving the world an impression of its deterrent capabilities,” Li added.

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