China is calling for peace in Israel, Gaza, let international community mediate for conflict

Amid the intensifying conflict between Israel and Gaza, China expresses its deepest concern and calls for peace. “China is deeply worried about the heavy casualties caused by escalation of conflict between Palestine and Israel. An immediate ceasefire between relevant parties is the common call of the international community,” Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said.

China said the longer the conflict continues the ‘more hatred it will accumulate’ and more lives will be claimed. “Any act that involves willful use of violence is unacceptable and reprehensible.”

Through its Foreign Ministry, China is calling both sides to let the international community mediate with the conflict.

“China once again strongly urges relevant conflicting parties to immediately respond to the ceasefire proposal and mediation efforts made by the international community, halt actions including air strikes, ground campaigns and launching of rockets, and take concrete moves to protect civilians.”

As of today, death toll for the said conflict have passed the 700 mark. 678 from Gaza and nearly 50 in the Israel’s side.

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