Five-hour ceasefire in Gaza starts – Israel will respond if Hamas attacks

Israel and Palestine have started a five-hour ceasefire, from 10am to 3pm local time.

With the span of 5 hours people in the Gaza will have time to get supplies. This will also give way for a UN mission in the State of Palestine to deliver humanitarian aid.

Also, foreigners staying in Gaza will have time to go to Egypt through Rafah border checkpoint.

An Israeli army officer said the ceasefire was requested by United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said in its statement that Israel will respond if Hamas launches attacks during ceasefire.

Death toll for the Palestinian side have surpassed 200 on Wednesday. Among the casualties were 25 women and 40 children, as per Gaza Health Ministry.

On Israel’s side, one civilian has been killed.

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