Reason behind removal of oil rig, US welcomes China’s move

China have finally removed it’s oil rig inside disputed water earlier than expected. The operation of HYSY 981 drilling rig inside Vietnam waters is scheduled to be finished mid-August.

According to China’s Foreign Ministry, “The HYSY 981 drilling rig has completed successfully its operation in waters off the Zhongjian Island of China’s Xisha Islands on July 15 and moved on to the project in Lingshui, Hainan as scheduled.”

“Companies concerned will map out work plan for the next step based on analysis and assessment of the geological data that they have obtained,” Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei added.

United States welcomes the said move from China. “We welcome China’s announcement that it is moving its oil rig from its location near the Paracels to an area closer to Hainan Island,” US department of State Spokesperson Jen said. “We support relevant parties adopting a voluntary freeze on provocative unilateral actions.”

When asked if US sees a reason behind the removal of oil rig, the spokesperson said “The Secretary certainly discussed these issues and reiterated his concern while he was in China just last week.”

“I’m not going to speculate on China’s reasons for withdrawing its rig, but of course, we have expressed our same concerns publicly as we have privately,” Psaki added.

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