Chinese oil rig out of Vietnamese waters

After 75 days, since May 1, of being illegally placed in Vietnam waters, China’s Haiyang Shiyou 981 is now moving back to Hainan Island said Deputy Head of the Vietnamese Fisheries Resources Surveillance Department Ha Le.

Hundreds of Chinese military and civilian vessels are also moving out of Vietnam waters.

China’s Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday night that the rig’s oil exploration activity was finished.

Xinhua News Agency quoted a petroleum geological expert who is working on the drilling rig that China decided to remove the platform from the Vietnamese waters to ensure safety of Chinese workers and their equipment, because the stormy season has begun in the East Vietnam Sea.

According to report the rig discovered oil source in that part of Vietnam waters, however, drilling of oil is yet to be carried out.

Within the span of 75 days, 15 Vietnamese were injured, 27 marine law enforcement and Coast Guard vessels and seven local fishing boats were damaged.

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