Japanese aircraft and ship chased PLA Navy frigates and supply ship – report

According to Joint Staff Office (JSO) of the Japanese Ministry of Defense, Japanese Maritime Self-Defence (JMSDF) Force patrol aircraft and destroyer have spotted ships of North China Sea Fleet of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) including 054A-type frigate “Yancheng” (546), the 053H3-type frigate “Luoyang” (527) and the 903-type comprehensive supply ship “Taihu” (889) 540 km from the Okinawa Island at around 5:00 on July 12, Beijing time, as reported by China Military Online.

“The Japanese aircraft and destroyer followed the Chinese PLAN taskforce and photographed it continuously,” said China Military Online.

“It is reported that the PLAN taskforce crossed the Miyako Strait and headed northwest later that day, and is estimated to have crossed the first island chain and entered the East China Sea waters,” China Military Online added.

The said Japanese aircraft and ship of Japanese Maritime Self-Defence were P-3C patrol aircraft and Destroyer “Hatsuyuki Class”.

Just last week, US reaffirmed that Senkaku Islands (known as Diaoyu Islands in China) is under the administration of Japan and opposes any unilateral actions that would undermine Japan’s administration.

US also reaffirmed that any armed attack in any territory administered by Japan will activate Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security.

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