US Navy’s new railgun assures victory against an adversary

“We want the American public to know now that we have a gun system that frankly will be so effective and affordable that now our adversaries will know – they’ll know before they even try to do something to our nation, that they’ll never win,” US Rear Adm. Matt Klunder said.

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“There’s quite a bit of secret sauce in these gun systems in the development. We’ve protected that,” he added.

“It can shoot down ballistic missiles. It can shoot down very advanced cruise missiles. It can shoot down fast moving aircraft. It can shoot down fast moving ships. It can even support soldiers and Marines at 100 miles on shore,” Klunder emphasized.

The railgun is an electromagnetic-powered launcher that can send a 23-pound projectile (shell) at a speed of Mach 7 or 8,600 kilometers per hour. It can even take down small targets only by impact.

It’s projectiles contains navigational electronics and only costs about $25,000 each.

“I can store hundreds and hundreds of these projectiles on our ships. I can defend our ships. I can defend our nation. It’s extremely safe, and it’s extremely effective,” Klunder said.

“The electromagnetic railgun represents an incredible new offensive capability for the U.S. Navy,” Rear Adm. Bryant Fuller, the Navy’s chief engineer, said in a statement.

“This capability will allow us to effectively counter a wide range of threats at a relatively low cost, while keeping our ships and sailors safer by removing the need to carry as many high-explosive weapons.”

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