US to China’s President: Action speaks louder than words

“The Secretary (of State) explained the U.S. approach and the U.S. thinking on the issues in the South and the East China Seas and walked the Chinese side through the logic behind our strong recommendation that not only China, but all of the claimants should apply the golden rule that President Xi invoked this morning in his speech to the opening of the S&ED event – namely, that no country should do unto others as they don’t want to be done on themselves,” a Senior US State Department Official said in a press briefing.

According to the unnamed official the secretary pointed out that this is not the time to push for unilateral actions.

“This is a situation in which countries – claimants – should avail themselves of arbitration, of legal mechanisms, of dialogue, and of direct negotiations in order to achieve peaceful solutions.”

A high level US delegation is now in China for Security and Economic Dialogue.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said during the beginning of the forum that actions always speak louder than words. “I heard many times President Xi Jinping just now talk about a great country relationship, a new model. I would say to you that a new model is not defined in words. It is defined in actions. The new model will be defined by the choices that we can make together.”

China has been vocal about promoting peace and stability in the region, while as seen by many, it is asserting its claims in the South and East China Sea.

According to reports, China is not “shy” and will not stop asserting its historical claims.

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