Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will soon export after the lifting of arms export ban

Japan is poised for a greater military presence not only in terms of troops deployment but also through arms export.

Japan is likely to approve it first export after amending a long-time ban on arms exports last April.

Licensed by US arms manufacturer Raytheon, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been manufacturing high-performance sensors, a major component of Patriot Advanced Capability-2 (PAC-2) air defense system, for Japan’s own defense force.


If approved, Japanese-made sensors will be installed on American PAC-2 missile defense systems to be finally delivered to Qatar.

If Mitsubishi Heavy Industries applies for export, Japanese government still needs to approve the said export based on the three principles on the transfer of defense equipment.

The Japanese Cabinet’s reversal of the ban allows Japan to export military hardware, jointly develop arms with allies, and allows its defense industry to access new markets and global technology.

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