China arrested 6 Vietnamese fishermen, Vietnam prepared for all possibilities including war

“Information from the China Coast Guard shows that on the morning of July 3, the Chinese coast guard detained in accordance with law one Vietnamese fishing boat and six crew members on board that were conducting illegal operation in the territorial waters of China seven nautical miles to the south of Sanya of China’s Hainan Island,” China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said Friday, July 4.

“Competent authorities of China are looking into and handling the case according to law. The Chinese side requests once again the Vietnamese side to take necessary measures to tighten up education and management of fishermen and avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.”


However, according to Vietnamese officials the arrest was made inside disputed water. This is the first arrest made by Chinese authorities after illegally positioning an oil rig in disputed water.

Prior to the said arrest, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong chief of the Communist Party of Vietnam said, “Many have asked what if war comes. We have to prepare for all possibilities. But we don’t want war and we’ll try to prevent it.”

Vietnam is now preparing legal documents to sue China.

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