South Korea launched fifth class 214 submarine

Republic of Korea (South Korea) launched July 3, 2014 its fifth Class 214 diesel-electric air independent propulsion 1,800-ton submarine built by Hyundai Heavy Industries.

The SS 077 was named after Yun Bong-gil, a Korean freedom fighter during 1930s who fought against Japanese occupation.

It is equipped with Haeseong-3 anti-ship cruise missile with an effective range of 1,500 kilometers with speed of 1013 kph.

Class 214 submarine

The Yun Bong-gil (SS 077) is expected to be commissioned for ROK Navy late next year.

The Class 214 AIP submarine measures 65 meters long and 7 meters wide, it can cruise at 20 knots. It has a capacity of 40 crews.

As South Korea’s largest submarine made out of high-class steel, it can submerge at 400 meters and can last 2 weeks under water.

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