President of Vietnam: We will protect every inch of our territory

“We will not accept it when any country, regardless of how strong it is, forces us to concede the sacred territory and sovereignty of our fatherland,” Vietnam President Truong Tan Sang said in an interview with Vietnam News Agency (VNA).

“We are determined to protect every inch of our land or sea from violation. For every Vietnamese, national territorial sovereignty is sacred and sacrosanct,” Vietnamese president said.

“It is unacceptable that strong countries can defy morality and justice. Our people have gone through wars and fought bravely against invaders for thousands of years.”

Vietnam Coast Guard

“Following the recent incident, few countries or international organisations have voiced support for China’s action in siting the rig in Viet Nam’s waters and its irrational nine-dot territorial claim.”

“Legal and historical evidence shows that justice is on our side. The world community has a fairly clear attitude towards this,” Truong Tan Sang said.

“Legal measures will be used when necessary to safeguard our country’s sovereignty and territory.”

In his closing, the Vietnamese President quoted an emperor of Vietnam in 1400s, “How can we abandon even a single inch of our mountain, our river? You must firmly stand your ground, not letting them gradually encroach. If they do not listen, we can send our envoys to the north to clarify justice. If you dare to concede even a single inch of the land of our ancestors to the enemy, it will be a crime deserving of death.”

In line with territorial protection, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung announced that Vietnam will spend US$540 million to acquire 32 new coastal patrol vessels.

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