US: We welcome the government of Japan’s new policy regarding collective self-defense

United States welcomes Japan’s move to expand military role worldwide.

“We have followed with interest the extensive discussion within Japan on the issue of exercising its right under the UN Charter to collective self-defense,” State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a regular press briefing.

“We welcome the Government of Japan’s new policy regarding collective self-defense and related security matters. As you know, the U.S.-Japan alliance is one of our most important partnerships, security partnerships, and we value efforts by Japan to strengthen that security cooperation, and also value Japan’s efforts to maintain openness and transparency throughout this decision-making process that’s led up to this new policy,” the spokeswoman added.


The US do not see a concern that the reinterpretation of Japan’s constitution falls short of a full collective self-defense. It “is pretty clear that we think it’s a good thing,” Marie Harf said.

Japan’s PM Abe said earlier, “There is a misunderstanding that Japan will be involved in war in an effort to defend a foreign country. But this is impossible.”

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