PM Abe: Japan won’t become a country which goes to war again

“I will protect Japanese people’s lives and peaceful existence.”

“As the prime minister, I have this grave responsibility. With this determination, the cabinet approved the basic policy for national security,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a televised conference.

“There is no change in the general principle that we cannot send troops overseas,” Abe said.


“There is a misunderstanding that Japan will be involved in war in an effort to defend a foreign country. But this is impossible. It will be strictly a defensive measure to defend our people. There will be no change at all in our principle not to allow the dispatch of forces abroad,” Abe explained.

“We shall never repeat the horror of war. With this reflection in mind, Japan has gone on for 70 years after the war. It will never happen that Japan again becomes a country which goes to war.”

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