China: Japan deviating from the path of peaceful development

The Japanese government reinterprets the constitution with the adoption of a cabinet resolution on July 1, which allows Japan to lift the ban on the right to collective self defence.

With this development of Japan’s constitution, China have released its comment through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Due to historical reasons, Japan’s political moves in the military and security field have long been closely watched by its Asian neighbors and the international community. Recently, Japan’s ruling authority has been stirring up troubles on historical issues on the one hand, and taking unprecedented measures in the military and security field on the other hand, bringing great changes to Japan’s military and security policies. People cannot but question whether Japan is deviating from the path of peaceful development that it has been upholding since the end of WWII. We have noted that there are strong objections in Japan to the lifting of the ban on the collective self defence right.

Chinese Navy

It is the general public of Japan that should have the final say on which way Japan should follow in terms of national development. We are opposed to Japan’s pursuit of its domestic political goal by deliberately making up the so-called “China threat”. We urge the Japanese side to earnestly respect the legitimate security concerns of its Asian neighbors and prudently deal with relevant issues. It must not undermine China’s sovereignty and security interests, nor shall it harm regional peace and stability.

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