PH-Japan closely coordinating in the midst of China’s agression

On Philippine President’s meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister — PH-Japan economic, disaster response, and security ties are said to be stronger than before.

The Japanese Prime Minister Abe said that he and Aquino have agreed to further strengthen PH and Japan’s strategic partnership. Abe also said Philippines and Japan are closely coordinating in the wake of China’s aggression. “In the face of the regional situation becoming increasingly severe, both nations are closely coordinating.”


Aquino supported Japan’s effort to “revisit certain interpretations of its (Japanese) Constitution”. Aquino said, “We believe that nations of goodwill can only benefit if the Japanese government is empowered to assist others and is allowed the wherewithal to come to the aid of those in need, especially in the area of collective self-defense.”

Japan is now on the process of revisiting its Constitution to be able to allow Japan’s armed forces to help in war of its allies.

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