Potential US president: China rewritting rules, steals, attacks, narrow-minded

“After years of isolation, we welcomed the Chinese people into the world economy. But with its new power, China isn’t trying to bend the rules — it’s trying to rewrite them altogether. It’s stealing our intellectual property. It’s attacking our companies. It’s promoting crony capitalism. In a narrow-minded pursuit of its narrow self-interest, China isn’t trying to uphold market principles but to upend them,” US Representative Paul Davis Ryan said speaking at the Center for a New American Security’s (CNAS) annual conference.

Paul Davis Ryan is Republican’s vice-presidential nominee for Mitt Romney during the 2012 US elections. He is now told to be eying the presidential candidacy.

“Our allies wonder, if they’re in a pinch, will America be there? They need a reason to believe. And there’s no better reason than the U.S. Navy.” Ryan also mentioned the refueling of USS George Washington.


“Many of China’s neighbors, like Vietnam and Malaysia, can’t stand up to China on their own. But if we pull them together, we can hold China accountable. And the hope, ultimately, is to pull China in too.”

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