China responded to G7’s statement

On a press briefing after the release of G7’s statement, China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said responding to G7’s call, “China is a staunch champion of peace and stability in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, cooperation and development of regional countries as well as the principles and purposes of the UN Charter, basic norms governing international relations and basic principles of international laws.”

“The last thing China wants to see is any turmoil in its neighboring areas including the East China Sea and the South China Sea. China strongly upholds the territorial sovereignty, maritime rights and interests as well as national security, and always safeguards the order and navigation freedom in relevant airspace and waters in accordance with international laws and international practices.”

“China is committed to solving relevant disputes concerning the East China Sea and the South China Sea with countries directly concerned through bilateral coordination and negotiation on the basis of respecting historical facts and the international laws. This is an important consensus reached between China and relevant countries, and is also in line with the interests and aspirations of the majority of countries and peoples in this region.”


“However, as for the provocative acts taken by certain country to willfully violate China’s sovereignty and rights and interests as well as deliberately undermine maritime peace and stability, China will respond with firm resolve.”

“Practices have proven again and again that negotiation and coordination between parties concerned is the most effective way to solve the disputes; the internationalization of relevant disputes as well as the interference and involvement of irrelevant party is neither helpful in solving the disputes nor in realizing regional peace and stability, only making the problem more difficult to settle.”

“Countries outside this region should respect facts on relevant controversial issues and adhere to an objective attitude instead of deliberately hyping up tension, stirring up confrontation or complicating the regional situation.”

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