Permanent Court of Arbitration orders China to respond on PH memorial

“In Procedural Order No. 2, the Arbitral Tribunal fixes 15 December 2014 as the date for China to submit its Counter-Memorial responding to the Philippines’ Memorial,” said the arbitral tribunal assigned for case “The Republic of the Philippines v. The People’s Republic of China” in a June 3 statement.

Last March 30, 2014, the Philippines submitted a 4,000-page memorial to the tribunal stating the merits and admissibility of the dispute.

China has been incooperative with the arbitration initiated by the Philippines. The court of arbitration said with China’s note verbale last year espressed “its position that it does not accept the arbitration initiated by the Philippines.”

The members of this tribunal are Judge Jean-Pierre Cot, Judge Stanislaw Pawlak, Judge Thomas A. Mensah (President), Judge Rüdiger Wolfrum, Professor Alfred H. A. Soons.

According to experts, if China will stay uncooperative, a ruling case can be seen next year.

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