Two US airforce RQ-4 Global Hawk anvanced military drones deployed in Japan

Two RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveillance aircraft of United States Airforce were deployed in Japan and will be based at Misawa Airbase, these drones are first of their kind to be based out of a U.S. territory. These drones contributed in air surveillance post Yolanda.

From Misawa Airbase these drones may closely monitor military and possible nuclear activities inside North Korea and China. RQ-4 Global Hawk can loiter longer up to 24 hours and can survey as much as 40,000 square miles (100,000 km2) of terrain a day. However, USAF did not specify any mission the drones will be carrying out.

“The aircraft flies at high altitude (60,000 feet) for the great majority of its air time, so you are out of the way of any other air traffic,” said one of the drone pilots.

RQ-4 Global Hawk

“This rotation is yet another action underscoring our commitment to peace, stability and security in the Asia Pacific region,” US Forces Japan commander, Lieutenant General Sam Angelella said. “Expect to see the most technologically advanced capabilities incorporated into exercises right here in Japan.”

These two drones will stay at Japan until October when typhoon season ends in there homebase Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

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