Vietnam, PH determined to oppose China

“The two sides are determined to oppose China’s violations and call on countries and the international community to continue strongly condemning China and demanding China to immediately end the above said violations,” said Prime Minister of the
Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung. Vietnam’s Prime Minister is currently in the Philippines on a working visit to attend World Economic Forum.

“President [Aquino] and I shared deep concern over the current extremely dangerous situation caused by China’s many actions that violate international law,” Dung told repoters.

“More than ever before, ASEAN and the international community need to continue raising a strong voice in protesting against this serious violating actions, securing the strict observance of the international law and peace and stability in the region in the world,” Dung said.

Vietnam and Philippines Heads

“In defense and security, we discussed how we can enhance confidence-building, our defense capabilities and inter-operability in addressing security challenges,” President Aquino said.

“We face common challenges as maritime nations and as brothers in ASEAN. I believe continued cooperation between the Philippines and Vietnam will enable us to better protect our maritime resources, as we pursue strategies that will redound to the growth of our respective peoples and of our region,” PH president said.

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