Chinese top general in Pentagon; says China is not afraid of trouble

“We believe that the ones that are provoking those issues in the South China Sea [is] not China, but certain countries that are attempting to gain their own interests, because they believe that China is now developing its economy and the United States is adopting this Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy,” Geneneral Fang Fenghui said, Chief of the General Staff of People’s Liberation Army, at Pentagon in a joint press conference with US Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey.

PLA’s top general emphasized that “the rebalancing strategy of the U.S. has stirred up some of the problems which make the South China Sea and the East China Sea not so calm as before.”

Fang Fenghui added, “We do not create trouble but we are not afraid of trouble.” The Chinese general is on a Washington visit, and hosted by US’ top government and military.

On the other hand, US general Martin Dempsy said pivot to Pacific shows US’ commitment to policy. “We’ll go because we can and should, and we’ll go because we have to.” Dempsey also added, “We will respond to threats.”

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