This HBO commentator earns ire of boxing fans for rude Pacquaio interview

Not only Manny Pacquiao’s supporters from Philippines but also some boxing fans around the world criticized how HBO boxing commentator Max Kellerman questioned the Filipino boxing icon in an after fight interview. Pacquaio initially told Kellerman that he believes he won the fight.

Though it is normal for a fighter to insist winning a close fight where no one was knocked out or heavily wounded, Kellermen responded with a question, “You thought you won the fight? Why?” in a tone that viewers didn’t like. “We didn’t at ringside. The judges didn’t.”

“He didn’t do nothing,” Pacquiao explained. “He was always moving outside.”

Kellerman went to his micro-blogging account to air his side. “I love Manny. He’s pleasure to deal with & to watch fight. Manny disagreed w/judges. Had to ask him about it. The fight was competitive during some stretches, but ultimately not close. I had it 9-3.”

“You could’ve been more sensitive about the situation. Actually, you couldve given more respect!” a netizen commented.

“Its your freaking tone man. Everyone doesn’t like it,” another one said.