Game creator may delete Josie Rizal from Tekken 7

Director and chief producer of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada is willing to drop Josie Rizal if the National Commission on Culture and the Arts will issue an official statement against the Tekken 7 Filipino character. “If Josie can’t get supported in the Philippines, we give her up anytime,” Harada said in his Twitlonger account.

He added that Josie is for the entire fighting game community, however, she is very special for Filipino gamer community. He also noted that Josie got 90% positive feedback from the gaming community.

“Remember, We’ve network update system. We can delete anything. We’ve no damage because we’ve more character & Our market size is Worldwide,” the game creator added.

“While the Commission is still studying what actions it may take on the issue of the name and image of Dr. Jose Rizal being dragged into this, we may safely say that NCCA has not issued any statement on the matter,” NCCA chairman Felipe De Leon Jr. said in a statement.

The Commission will work with National Historical Commission of the Philippines to determine what legal action the government may take and to have an official stand regarding the said Tekken 7 character.