Eyewitness version on Melissa Mendez, Rey Pamaran clash

After Melissa Mendez and Rey Pamaran expressed their side of the story, a source who witnessed the incident was interviewed by Philippine Entertainment Portal PEP.ph.

According to the eyewitness, Melissa boarded the plane first and she sat on the vacant seat A1. The said seat was reserved by Andrew Wolff and his friend Rey Pamaran, while Melissa was designated at seat 2B.

The commotion started when Wolff and Pamaran arrived. They told the actress to vacate the seat, but Melissa sasked if she could sit there for she wanted to take a photos of the clouds. The two guys did not agree on what she want because they need a “leg room.”

Their discussion reached 30 minutes. The witness heard Melissa on a loud voice, asking something like, don’t you know me and “sasampalin mo ako?”

Melissa told the media that she gently asked to sit on the said seat, however, Rey said no and if she will not transfer to her seat he will strike her with a bag. While Pamaran posted his own version of the story on his social networking site account. He said, he asked the actress to transfer to her seat, the actress right away got angry, used bad language and made a scene.