Hero Angeles returns to showbiz

Star Circle Quest 2004 grand teen questor Hero Angeles, who had been out of showbiz for four years became a full-time artist. The 30 year old grand questor created different kinds of artworks and shared his talents to other aspiring artists. Hero launched his first online art gallery called Artcetero last December 01, 2014.

Hero is now making his comeback, he will be part of the movie ‘Fighting Chefs’. The movie which premiered Monday will also star Mark Gil, Arci Munoz, Chef Boy Logro, Vandolph, John Hall, Joross Gamboa, Jade Lopez and Jeffrey Santos. It is directed by Ronnie Ricketts who is also part of the lead cast.

He and his SCQ batchmates Roxanne Guinoo, Melissa Ricks, Joseph Bitangcol, Joross Gamboa and Neri Naig reunited in ASAP’s 20th anniversary celebration. They performed ‘In or Out’, a song originally recorded by their co-graduate Sandara Park.