Kat Alano gives new hints of her rapist

Television and radio personality Kat Alano gave new clues about the public figure who allegedly raped her 10 years ago. It was January last year when Kat started to post controversial topics about rape on her social networking site account.

Netizens made speculations that she was referring to Vhong Navarro who was accused of raping Deniece Cornejo. Eventually, last April 28, 2014 the twenty-nine year old television presenter made a confession that she was a victim of rape.

“For those who have been waiting for me to say who my rapist is, it doesn’t get more specific than this.

“I’m tired of keeping my silence, of watching people protect a man who has hurt so many women for years,” Kat posted on her social networking site account Monday.

Along with her post is an open letter addressed to Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. “Under your jurisdiction, a public figure who is a known rapist that has had several rape cases filed against him has been allowed to go free, scaring the rest of his victims into submission, knowing the ease at which the other cases were dismissed without fair deliberation.”

“You see Secretary De Lima, I myself am a victim of the same man who has been allowed to go free under your jurisdiction. At 19 years old, I was raped 10 years ago and I dread to think how many more silent victims there have been since me.”

Kat also mentioned that she and the other victims need Secretary De Lima’s help.