Joniver Robles waters down ‘breaking rule’: Viewers want full explanation

The real reason for Joniver Robles’ exit from The Voice of the Philippine Season 2 remains to be unknown. Even after his coach, Bamboo, told viewers on Sunday that after much deliberation, Joniver and the program decided “it’s best for him not to continue with the show, due to personal reasons.”

Joniver initially said, after Coach Bamboo’s announcement, something was taken away from him. “I will never exchange this opportunity for anything. I am saying this because these people can always make up lies to be used against me,” he adds.

Fans and regular viewers started speculating that he was replaced after he violated an important rule of the competition.

However, Joniver is brushing off the speculation. He asked individuals, who are saying that he broke some rule or did something for the show to have a problem, to reveal their evidence. “Just make sure your facts are straight and speaks for itself,” he posted on his social networking account.

Supporters of The Voice of the Philippines are waiting for full and real explanation either from Joniver or TVOP’s side.