Reason why Joniver Robles leaves The Voice: Rita Martinez going to Live Shows

Joniver Robles will be out of The Voice of the Philippines. Rita Martinez will be getting his spot in the Live Shows. Coach Bamboo announced the news towards the end of the final episode of Knockout rounds. According to Bamboo, Talpa Media Holding rules that the recent artist who competed with Robles will be replacing him, who happened to be Rita Martinez.

Martinez was informed personally by her coach.

However, netizens are still wondering about the specific reason why Joniver Robles decided to stop competing. Is it really a personal decision? According to source, he broke an important rule of The Voice of the Philippines.

Joniver said, through his social networking account, “I will never exchange this opportunity for anything. I am saying this because these people can always make up lies to be used against me.”

“IT WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME. Myself.. being in that show is “personal” itself ….” he emphasized.