Phillip Salvador angered by foreigner who called Filipinos bunch of idiots

Action star Phillip Salvador was caught in an exchanged of heated words with a Norwegian for defending a Filipino waitress in an Italian restaurant at SM Magamall December 15, reports.

Salvador first witnessed the Norwegian shouting at the waitress complaining about the food he ordered. According to Phillip, the waitress was already crying while the six footer foreigner keeps shouting at her. The actor added that the foreigner called Filipinos stupid and bunch of idiots.

“You don’t insult the Filipinos. Let’s get out of this place, I’m going to fight you. You only know how to scream at girls,” the actor shouted to the foreigner.

The action star added that the foreigner threatened to call the police. “Hurry up! Please tell them to be here in five minutes, and I will tell them to throw you out of this place,” Salvador said he told the foreigner.