Megan Young delivers speech at Oxford University

Reigning Miss World 2013 Megan Young gives an opening speech in the recent Oxford Debate at Oxford University.

In her speech, she opened up her reluctance in the past on joining a beauty pageant.

“If you asked me to join a beauty contest 3 years ago, my answer would have been ‘no.’ I just could not see myself in the shoes of those girls onstage. I would have been terrified. But something completely just changed my decision around. What you see in Miss World today is totally different from what Miss World was before,” Megan said.

She also noted her unforgettable experience in Haiti where she fell through the second floor. The desolation brought by typhoon Yolanda to the Philippines which made her realize what her purpose really was as the crown bearer is also part of her speech.

Megan Young is set to turn over her crown to winning candidate of Miss World 2014 on December 14 at the ExCeL Arena in London.