Gab Valenciano inspires Beyonce’s latest music video

Dancer-model Gab Valenciano who is known for his ‘Super Selfie’ videos on Youtube is Beyonce Knowles inspiration for her latest music video ‘7/11’.

“Hi everyone, this has been a very surreal season for me, and today is quite special. This video, which apparently was inspired by my videos, is now out. I was told that she herself watched my videos and asked to bring me onboard the creative process. Unbelievable. To God be all glory. Thanks for the support everyone! Still can’t believe it,” Valenciano posted on his social networking site account.

The 26 year old creator of ‘Super Selfie’ is the son of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano. Gab revealed that the American singer’s camp communicated with him to let him know about Beyonce’s interest to integrate his dance steps into her own music video.

“They just said, ‘Literally, she saw your videos and said ‘I want to do this, this is something I want to do.” That’s how it happened. ‘We’d like for you to consult and join this round table of ideas.’ They explained to me how Beyonce does things and that she is really hands on,” Valenciano said.

Gab started uploading his ‘Super Selfie’ videos on social media since 2013. It has earned millions of views and and has been recognized by international media.

As of writing, Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ music video which was released last November 21 already garnered more than 26 million views.