Vice Ganda returning in It’s Showtime before Christmas

In Vice Ganda’s interview with the Sunday talk show ‘The Buzz’, the comedian mentioned he will be returning to ‘It’s Showtime’ before Christmas. Vice took a break from his noontime show for some health reason.

In his past interview, the comedian cited his health as the main reason for temporarily leaving ‘It’s Showtime’. He needs to rest for his full recovery and was advised to limit his physical activities including “getting too excited.” For his five years of stay in It’s Showtime, he is saddened that he will temporarily leave the show.

The comedian has a problem with his throat thus he needs to totally rest his voice in order for him to return to work immediately.

The comedian also emphasized that his leave of absence is not because of any conflict with his co-workers or the management of the show.

Vice has an upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival entry ‘Praybeyt Benjamin 2’.