Freddie Aguilar’s daughter allegedly beaten up

Maegan Aguilar the daughter of OPM artist Freddie Aguilar was allegedly beaten by her live-in partner. Maegan’s friend rapper Maria Silorio revealed through her post in her social networking site account that Maegan was physical abused by her live-in partner Ali Sanchez after trying to breakup with him Saturday.

Silorio posted photos of her friend wearing a neck brace and sitting on a stretcher with the caption “My Bestfriend Maegan Comet Aguilar received this nasty beating as a ‘parting gift’ from her live-in Partner when she firmly tried to end their relationship today. Ali’s an alcoholic that often reaches a violent black out state & beats up my friend & threatens her life.”

Maegan’s right arm appears to be dislocated and she has numerous bruises and contusion at her back and hips.

Ali is Maegan’s long-time partner. He is a rock musician who was formerly a member of the cover band K.O. Jones.

Maegan made headlines six months ago when she censured her father’s marriage to a minor, Jovie Albao. Her father Freddie threw her and her family out of his house in an issue concerning rotten vegetables. Maegan also accused Jovie of being involved in their being kicked out of their house.

Maegan is not yet making any statement regarding what happened.