John Loyd dares alleged daughter to come out on public

Award-winning actor John Loyd Cruz has been facing rumors regarding the alleged 16 year old claiming to be his daughter. The rumors rooted on the posts in a social media community called The Elbi Files, where anonymous individuals posts secrets of students and alumni of the University of the Philippines Los Banos.

There was a blind item saying that an actor brought his 16-year-old daughter in his ASAP show in L.A. then introduced her as his niece.

There were also several posts on social media by a person who uses different pseudonyms referring to John Loyd or projects he has done that says he or she has been neglected by his father. All posts were leading to John Loyd.

The actor deals with rumors that concerns him maturely. If that certain 16 year old daughter of his is really true, he wants her come out of public or come to him personally. However, if he is to calculate, he is 31 now probably he is 15 year old when his alleged daughter was conceived, which for him is impossible.

Meanwhile, the thirty- one year old actor whose contract with ABS- CBN will about to end wants to set the renewal of his contract after he came back from his vacation in US. Regardless of the rumors, he is focused on his upcoming vacation with his family and girlfriend.