The Voice Philippines Season 2 first blind auditions night airs

The long wait for The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 is over. Blind auditions first episode aired on national television evening of Sunday, October 26. Coaches Sarah, Leah, bamboo and Apl opened the show with a production number.

During the airing of The Voice of the Philippines, #TheVoicePHisBack trended online worldwide.

First to audition was Timmy Pavino who sang ‘You Are My Song’. He was able to make Bamboo, Leah and Sarah turn their chair. Eventually, he chose Leah as his coach.

Tanya Diaz, who performed after Timmy, is a 27 year old rocker from Mandaluyong and performed with ‘What About Love’. She is a four-chair turner. As a professed rocker and rocking for his brother who passed away, she chose Camp Kawayan. “I’m lost for words. You are so unique and special! Thank you for that performance for joining and for being here,” Bamboo said.

Though Bryan Babor, the third performer, didn’t happen to turn a chair he was given a chance to perform a duet with Bamboo. Show’s fans twitted online that Bryan looks alike Bamboo.

A female police officer auditioned for the fourth performance. PO3 Jannet Cadayona belted ‘Tukso’. She made Apl turn.

The fifth to audition is a reggae man named Kokoi Baldo from Boracay. His performance of One Day made four coaches turn chairs. He made a surprising decision to choose Sarah Geronimo as his coach.