Vhong and Jhong’s It’s Showtime performance went viral

Vhong and Jhong, today, October 21 performed on It’s Showtime ‘Magpasikat’ as part of the show’s traditional week-long talent showdown during anniversary. It’s Showtime is now celebrating its fifth anniversary.

The two have been friends for more than a decade and started in the entertainment industry together through their dance group Streetboys. Instead of performing an all out dance number, Vhong and Jhong featured their longstanding friendship through thick and thin.

Few moments after the presentation started, Vhong and Jhong went viral worldwide through a social networking site. Supporters and fans flooded the internet with heartfelt comments. “That is Super Awesome performance, All about Friendship,” one tweet says.

“Vhong and Jhong’s performance was wow, just wow. Shed a tear,” another tweet reads.

Vhong and Jhong painted each other’s image for almost half of the entire presentation while a video presentation of the two’s history and friendship is playing. “I was kinda bored because of the time they put on making those art works but damn! Vhong and Jhong was awesome. Waiting is really worth it,” another tweet said.