KC Concepcion diagnosed with Dengue Fever

On Sunday night October 12, 2014, ABS-CBN actress KC Concepcion posted a photo of her in the hospital on her social networking site account. Together with her in the photo is her co-stars Amy Austria-Ventura and Alora Sasam in “Ikaw Lamang”, a nightly drama-series in ABS-CBN.

KC Concepcion was confined in the hospital on Saturday, October 11, 2014 after being diagnosed with dengue fever. For the past two days the actress was experiencing intermittent high fever.
Two days before KC was diagnosed with dengue she posted a photo of her 38.6-degree body temperature.

KC thank those who prayed for her and assured her fans and supporters that she and will be okay. She also expressed her gratitude to Amy and Alora for visiting her in the hospital. The actress stays positive despite her sickness.

On her post on Monday she said, “I’m getting rashes all over my inner arms and thighs. Platelets still dropping. But I know I’ll recover soon enough! So happy I got to hug my sweet inaanak Alfonso who woke me up today hehe.”

Her fellow artists and followers have sent her well wishes on social media.