Amy Perez is getting married with Carlo Castillo

Host Amy Perez said on Friday that she and her partner Carlo Castillo for 8 long years will get married soon. Amy described her upcoming marriage as a new journey for both of them and her children. Carlo Castillo is a news reporter and a brother of GMA news anchor Cedric Castillo.

According to Amy she is very happy that finally after 8 years she and Carlo will tie their knot soon.

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The 45 year old television personality and her former husband musician Brix Ferraris have a son named Adi. Amy filed a petition to have her marriage with Brix be annulled on the basis of psychological incapacity.

Amy had her first son with Carlo in 2008. Then at the age of 40 she got pregnant with their second child in 2012. Bearing a child at age 40, her third pregnancy oblige her to take a temporary leave from her shows.

Currently, Amy is with ABS-CBN. She co-hosts The Singing Bee with Roderick Paulate.

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