JM de Guzman celebrates birthday with former girlfriend Jessy Mendiola

Actor JM de Guzman turned 26 last Tuesday, September 9, 2014. His birthday celebration was held in his aunt’s house at the Loyola Grand Villas in Quezon City.

Jm’s former girlfriend Jessy Mendiola went to his birthday party. No one told the actor that Jessy is coming over, thus he was indeed surprised of her presence. JM also shared that he felt happy to spend time with Jessy again.

Just after Jessy’s shooting a friend called her to come around at JM’s party. The actress was a bit hesitant and shy however she attended the said party.

The former sweethearts’ get-together at the party was not their first meeting after their break-up. They had meet each other at a certain university and in the recent Star Magic Ball. JM was known to have a two year relationship with Jessy.

Aside from Jessy, celebrities Carlo Aquino, Ynna Assistio, Jeff Gaitan, and Jorross Gamboa, are also present in the party.