Vhong Navarro, It’s Showtime hosts flies to Canada

Actor and It’s Showtime host Vhong Navarro together with Billy Crawford, Eruption and Coleen Garcia leaves for Canada. They will be there to stage some concerts in Toronto and Edmonton.

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Navarro is concerned about his and his family’s safety after Cedric Lee was allowed to post bail. Cedric Lee and company were accused of serious illegal detention by Vhong Navarro.

When asked what is his message to Navarro, Cedric Lee states, “It’s Showtime.”

The statement from Lee was seen by Filipinos online as a threat to Vhong Navarro.

Atty. Howard Calleja, lawyer of Lee, downplayed Cedric’s statement. “There’s nothing bad or malicious about that,” Calleja said adding that it might be his client’s way of showing his happy.

“The prosecution had failed to provide strong evidence that illegal detention is actually serious or actually for the sake of kidnapping. In such a case, the Court has the duty to grant the accused bail,” Taguig Regional Trial Court Branch 271 said allowing Cedric Lee and company to be released on bail.

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