Billy Crawford speaks on Taguig City incident

Billy Crawford on September episode of The Buzz told the story behind his arrest last week in Taguig City. First of all, Crawford clarified that the incident has nothing to do with Coleen.

“To be honest with you, when you go to clubs, and you’re, say, a celebrity” many people will try to ruin your day. “There were a few guys, nobody knew who they were, I didn’t know who they were, and they ended up in the same section where we were, but they kept on pointing fingers and laughing.”

“I’m with Coleen, I don’t want anything to happen to her, including our friends, and for myself as well,” he added. “let’s just go.”

“I admitted to the fact that I had a few too many drinks actually, I should say, but I wasn’t wasted.”

“I was just in a lot of stress, and I really, really didn’t want any of these to happen.”

Crawford said that he let Coleen to go first. “I went out, I just wanted to clear my head.”

“I don’t really want to drive and end up hurting myself, or hurting anyone else, thnen I saw the precinct, so I walked over seeking for help because I just needed to calm down.”

“When I was arrested, and taken to Taguig, I sat down in front of a major and a few other officers, and they asked me, would you mind taking a drug test. Sure, I have nothing to hide. I do not do drugs, and I never will. So I did my drug test. It was negative as usual.”

“I never got physical with anybody,” he noted.

ABS-CBN management clarified that Billy Crawford was not suspended.