Kris Aquino giving Boy Abunda a ‘hummer’ for staying alive

Kris Aquino will give Boy Abunda a special birthday present. This was revealed by Kris Aquino on The Buzz September 14 episode.

“I talked to the boys (her two sons), ‘Let’s give it to Tito Boy’,” Aquino said. Kris said that Bimbi and Josh own the Hummer.

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Boy Abunda will be turning 59 on October 29.

Abunda, after weeks of recovering from a medical condition, returned to The Buzz, September 14, as host.

In a previous interview, Abunda said he had undergone treatments to drain all the abscess in his liver. A total of 300 ml of abscess was removed from Boy Abunda’s liver.

Boy Abunda, who is known to be working hard for his mother, amid all the success now only has one prayer that he will not die first before his mother who has a mild dementia. He still wants to take care of his mother.

“My stay in the hospital humbled me,” he added.

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