Kristel Moreno bashed online after Star Magic Ball

Kristel Moreno, who was bashed online because of her Star Magic ball outfit, said that her gown was designed by Hollywood-based Filipino designer Rocky Gathercole, who already made outfits for Katy Perry and other international stars.

Moreno added that Jennifer Lopez wants it for her upcoming concert.

During the Star Magic Ball red-carpet interview, Kristel Moreno confidently said she is not wearing any undergarment. Moreno, 23, is a former member of Sex Bomb Girls.

Alex Brosas of Bandera wrote, “Easily, Kristel Moreno is the worst dressed starlet of the night. Her black, see-through number was a big disappointment as she looked like an eye sore.” What added to the ugliness was her plumped body that doesn’t have any shape – clearly she doesn’t have fashion sense.

Kristel Moreno said she was really hurt with how the netizens reacted. Some write-ups even included her in the list of worst dressed in the Star Magic event.

“Thank you, at least they noticed me, better than not,” she told Mario Dumaual of ABS-CBN.