Edu Manzano receives death threat over Ronnie Ricketts’ suspension

Last Monday, September 8 comedian and television host Edu Manzano claims that he received death threat from supporters of suspended Optical Media Board (OMB) chairman Ronnie Ricketts.

Manzano became the first chairman of the Optical Media Board in 2004. Ricketts took over the position after Manzano resigned in August 2009.

The actor posted on his social networking site account the screen shot of the text message he received which claims that he is behind Ricketts suspension. He cleared that since he left the OMB chairmanship in 2009 he is not involve in any operation of the board and added that the threat is made by amateurs and idiots.

Ricketts is suspended for neglect of duty in connection with the post-raid operations conducted against Sky High Marketing Corporation in Quiapo on 2010 together with Executive Director Cyrus Paul Valenzuela, Head of the Enforcement and Inspection Division (EID) Manuel Mangubat, Investigation Agent I Joseph Arnaldo and Computer Operator II Glenn Perez.

“The unjustified release of the confiscated items compromised the pieces of evidence that could substantiate a case/s – thereby giving unwarranted benefit to Sky High Marketing Corporation,” the Ombudsman said.