Floyd on Mayweather-Pacquiao fight: Let’s make it happen

Floyd Mayweather Jr., in a rematch, beats Marcos Maidana via unanimous decision Saturday night in their welterweight title fight.

“I felt sharper in the first fight, my rhythm was off,” Mayweather said. “I got hit with some shots tonight I shouldn’t have gotten hit with. But that comes with the sport.”

Maweather remains unbeaten with 47 wins.

After the fight, the five-division world champion answered a question regarding a fight with Manny Pacquiao. “I got to go back and talk to my team, I’m not ducking or dodging no opponent,” Mayweather said. “If a Pacquiao fight presents itself, let’s make it happen.”

“I don’t think about Pacquiao, I don’t even know him. I wish him the best but that’s not my focus,” said Mayweather. “My focus is Floyd Mayweather that is how I got to where I got to.

“If it happens it happens. You guys can keep asking the same questions over-and-over and I will give you the same answers. That’s not my focus.”

“My business model is I am my own boss. I call my own shots,” Mayweather added.