Eraserheads reunites, releases two new songs

“Since the Eraserheads broke up over a decade ago, their fans have despaired of ever hearing new music from these beloved icons, even as their subsequent reunion concerts here and abroad broke all attendance records,” Esquire Philippines says in its official Facebook page.

September issue of Esquire Ph magazine, which is a travel issue, will feature Eraserheads’ Ely Buendia, Raymund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala, and Marcus Adoro as cover.

The September issue copies will be available September 4 for PhP400 with a CD containing two new single from Eraserheads, “Sabado” and “1995”.

“Not barkada, iba yun. But yes, we are friends. You cannot play music if you’re not friends. I don’t like the feeling of playing with someone whom I despise. I have played with people who I despise and it’s not a good feeling. And I have the luxury of saying no. And I have played with people na di ko type. It’s like having a conversation with people you don’t like. To play the way that you play, you have to be friends,” Raymund Marasigan said as posted in Esquire Ph’s Facebook page.

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