Claudine Barretto absolved of charges filed by former helpers

The Marikina Prosecutor’s office cleared Claudine Barretto of criminal charges filed against her by her two helpers.

According to the official statement released by Barretto’s lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, the prosecutor’s office have decided that the allegations of robbery and grave coercion filed by Maria Luisa Becher and perjury by Dessa Patilan, both have “lack of sufficient probable cause”. Topacio said that the separate resolutions were dated July 1, 2014 but officially released Friday, August 29.

Actress Claudine Barretto filed charges of qualified theft against Becher and Patilan for allegedly robbing her of jewelries in her home in Loyola Grand Villas in July. The helpers then responded by accusing her of stealing their personal items.

In an article by, Barretto’s camp further explained, “In an eight-page resolution in the robbery case signed by assistant city prosecutor Ernesto Ablay, Jr., the prosecution said that the complainant failed to prove the element of force or intimidation against her, ‘thus negating the charge of robbery.”

“The perjury case, on the other hand, was dismissed by assistant city prosecutor Ricardo Paet, Jr. in a six-page resolution saying that ‘there is no deliberate and willful assertion of falsehood’ on the part of Barretto, noting that the qualified theft case was in fact, filed in court.”

Regardless of the decision made by the prosecutor’s office, Becher’s legal counsel Atty. Rico Quicho announced, “a Motion for Reconsideration will definitely be prepared and filed.” On the other hand, Patilan’s camp will decide after they receive the copy of the resolution.

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