Bangs Garcia, Phil Younghusband ‘hanging out’

Weeks after Philippine Azkals member, Phil Younghusband confirmed that he and actress Bangs Garcia are hanging out, Bangs Garcia has decided to air her side regarding the rumors surrounding them.

In an interview with ‘Push’, Garcia backed up Younghusband’s statement, saying that they are “getting to know each other well.” According to her, they are not in a rush, “we cherish every moment”. Although not keen on sharing their relationship status, Garcia admitted that they are not hiding anything, going out in public places like malls and movie theatres.

She also shared that they have a lot in common; also adding that they knew each other from past loves who’ve been their mutual friends. Recalling that they saw each other again after her stint in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women, Garcia revealed that it paved the way for them to know each other more and become closer.

Although the football star, in a taped interview by ‘The Buzz’ two weeks ago, was firm on his stance that they are not officially a couple, Garcia claimed that ‘anything is possible’. Aware of the bad press that hounded the young athlete after his highly-publicized break up with actress Angel Locsin, Garcia opted to pass her judgment on her own account.

Garcia, happy with how things are going between them, was all positive about Phil Younghusband, saying that they’re not affected by the bad publicity and that it will only make their bond stronger.

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