Matsunagas, to stay in the Philippines for good

After winning the reality-show Pinoy Big Brother All-In, Daniel Matsunaga’s family will be moving in the Philippines. In an interview with ABS-CBN news, Vanessa, Daniel’s sister announced that their family has decided to move here, “Not only my mom but my entire family. This country adopted us and gave us opportunity that we never had before. I am just so happy.”

The Brazilian-Japanese model won the hearts of Filipinos by being humble and true to himself. Although a celebrity, Matsunaga never acted like one inside the Big Brother house, he was known for his diligence and camaraderie.

According to Vanessa, they were not expecting his brother to win since their family has no Filipino blood. But since he did, their family is very grateful for being accepted in the country.

Matsunaga is the first housemate to become a ‘Pinoy Big Winner’ without having any Filipino blood, literally. It just shows how truly hospitable Filipinos are, judging only the strength and character without any trace of racism.

Matsunaga was followed by Maris Racal as the second placer, celebrity teen Jane Oineza as third placer and Vickie Rushton who ranked fourth.

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